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Please download the directory of development organizations, Volume VI Oceania:
Volume VI (2.3 Mb)
Oceania - Océanie - Oceanía VI
Countryfinder. Alternatively, you may download the individual country files of Volume VI Oceania. The countries are listed in English alphabetical order:
American Samoa - Samoa Américaines - Samoa Norteamericanas
Australia - Australie - Australia
Cook Islands - Iles Cook - Islas Cook
Fiji - Fidji - Fiji
French Polynesia - Polynésie Française - Polinesia Francesa
Kiribati - Kiribati - Kiribati
Marshall Islands - Iles Marshall - Islas Marshall
Micronesia - Micronésie - Micronesia
Nauru - Nauru - Nauru
New Caledonia - Nouvelle-Calédonie - Nueva Caledonia
New Zealand - Nouvelle-Zélande - Nueva Zelandia
Niue - Niue - Niue
Norfolk Islands - Iles Norfolk - Islas Norfolk
Northern Mariana Islands - Iles Mariana du Nord - Islas Mariana del Norte
Papua New Guinea - Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée - Papua Nueva Guinea
Samoa - Samoa - Samoa
Solomon Islands - Iles Salomon - Islas Salomón
Tokelau - Tokelau - Tokelau
Tonga - Tonga - Tonga
Tuvalu - Tuvalu - Tuvalu
Vanuatu - Vanuatu - Vanuatu
Wallis and Futuna - Wallis-et-Futuna - Wallis y Futuna
Note: pdf-files last updated on: 28/06/2011
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